Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC)
200 Hour International Certification Program


Important Acknowledgements and Acceptance
of the Rules & Regulations:

Before applying to any of our Yoga Teacher Training programs please read with attention all the information published in this website.

Please also study carefully the complete Course Syllabus and be aware of the following Rules & Regulations:


  • The applicants should NOT join the program only interested in acquiring a Yoga certification;
  • The applicants should be aware that the main objective of the course is to provide opportunity for development of self-knowledge and Yogic expertise through the following of a good routine and self-discipline, besides the understanding of Yoga philosophy & techniques;
  • Yoga Education is not a conventional type of education or learning. Introversion, self-awareness and meditative practices are encouraged throughout the course;
  • Our Yoga programs have no religious approach. However the applicants should be aware that Yoga is a heritage of Indian culture & Vedic tradition. It is integral part of the course, the study of Indian scriptures of religious-philosophical nature (like the Bhagavad Gita, etc) along with the chanting of Vedic mantras and the study and memorization of Sanskrit vocabulary;
  • Trainees are requested to maintain a Yogic atmosphere of sincerity and positivity;
  • Meat of any kind, sea food, egg, tobacco, illicit drugs, alcoholic drinks, coffee and black tea are under no circumstances allowed during the course;
  • Attendance to all classes is compulsory. Trainees should follow the time-table and complete the assignments with the necessary discipline and dedication;
  • Participants with overt emotional and mentally anxious condition or with indulgent and uninhibited behaviour may be asked to discontinue the course at any time;
  • The Academy reserves the right, to return or not, in part or otherwise the course fees. Please refer to our Payment & Refund Policy before joining the course;
  • These are essential acknowledgements to participate in any of our Yoga programs.


– Please also read the page about Ashram & Community Life at our center.

By submitting your application for any of our Yoga Teacher Training Courses or Workshops you automatically agree that Wise Living Yoga Academy and other service providers associated with these programs shall not be held responsible for any loss and damages incurred by delays or cancellations due to events outside our control, such as natural calamities, social conflicts, etc. Wise Living Yoga Academy reserves the right to change or cancel the program schedule if necessary.

You agree to assume all risks associated with the trip
and agree that no liability will attach to Wise Living Yoga Academy or other service providers for any personal injury, illness, delay, loss or damage to health or property experienced during the activities or elsewhere. We highly recommend that you protect your investment with travel insurance for your trip.

All participants must fill in an Application Form in order to be admitted to the courses. Admission will be given only after the approval of your application. Submission of the Application Form along with receipt of payment constitutes acceptance of these Rules & Regulations and the acceptance of the Payment & Refund Policy.



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