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Ashram & Community Life

The Sanskrit word 'Ashram' means a ‘place’ where people meet to learn and practice spiritual disciplines, like Yoga, under a particular Teacher or Guru. It also refers to the 'community life' characteristic of such places, modeled on those traditionally set in India. An ashram would typically, but not always, be located far from human habitation, in forests or mountainous regions, amidst refreshing natural surroundings conducive to spiritual instruction and meditation.

- Routine and Centre’s facilities

The routine and facilities in our centre are set to provide the students with a suitable environment for learning and experiencing the traditional Yogic disciplines. However the energy and atmosphere depends on the personal attitude of each participant living in community. Every participant is expected to contribute to the maintenance of positivity, discipline and general cleanliness.

- Accommodation & Cleanliness

The centre’s staff/workers will do a gross cleaning and bed linen will be changed once a week, however, yourself along with your roommate, will be responsible to maintain the cleanliness of your bedroom and bathroom during the week and throughout your stay with us.

Your room, bed and personal stuff should be kept tidy and clean. Please remember you will be, mostly, sharing the room with another student, therefore, respect your roommate’s privacy and personal space.

- Time-table & Discipline during Classes

Attendance in all classes is compulsory if you want to complete the course successfully. You should be always on time to attend the lectures and other activities and maintain good discipline and sitting posture during the classes. Having a sincere, humble and determined attitude is necessary for learning Yoga.

- About Clothing & Dress Code

Light cotton clothing is recommended. Bring a light jacket/sweatshirt for the evenings & during rainy season. You should dress modestly. No low cleavage, stomach free tops, miniskirts or hot pants allowed.

You may bring along sport shoes for trekking and bathing suit if you wish to go for swimming (at nearby resorts) during free time on weekends.

- Food and Dinning

The centre’s staff/workers will be cooking for you fresh & nutritious pure vegetarian (vegan) meals three times a day. You’ll be expected to clean up after yourself, any cutleries, plates and glasses you’ll be using during your meals or break time.

Outside food is strictly not allowed (*) to be brought into the centre, especially non-vegetarian items and processed unnatural food, chewing gums, etc. Please also DO NOT bring with you any alcoholic drinks, cigarettes/tobacco (or any other illicit drugs), etc. If you are caught with any one of these items during the course, inside or outside of our centre, you’ll be asked to leave the course at once.

(*) Please let us know if you have any food requirements due to medical conditions (coeliac disease, food allergies). In this case we’ll try to help you to adapt your diet accordingly so you will be allowed to bring the food items which you are already accustomed to. You can also buy extra fresh fruits, dry fruits, nuts, etc in the local market to supplement your dietary requirements.

- Personal Experience & Development

Students tend to finalize the course successfully and describe it as an eye-opening and life changing experience.

The teachers will be there to guide you and the environment is set to be the most suitable for the learning experience. However the whole thing depends on you!

As it is said in tradition:

The teacher can only point the way, but you have to walk the path yourself”.



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